Eric Rienstra

Fuel's Legacy Extended with Eric Rienstra from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

Who’s Eric R? Eric Rienstra... you mean that weird homeless gypsy dude that sleeps in the bushes and doesn't have a phone or a car. He's a total f#*cking slacker, he just rides, eats, and sleeps.  He left home the day he graduated High School and hasn't stopped following the wind since.  

What’s you favorite gear set up and why? Fuel on a Comp Stick and Asylum booted with RADs. This setup has the characteristics I like for fully powered loops and unhooked tricks in the park, flat water, or off wave kickers.   

Why Slingshot? When I first started kiting I had already been doing other board sports like snowboarding and skateboarding for years so I was already into sliding and grinding things.  So as soon as I learned to stay upwind I started sliding on logs, tapping rocks, and stalling on anything I could find.  This destroyed my big dorky beginner board real quick. I went into the shop to buy a new board and as soon as I saw the Slingshot Zeppelin I was like OMG aka. WTF.  This thing was small, cut like a wakeboard, and had what Slingy called a Dura Grind Base, "basically you can slide anything" it said on the sticker. Sold. Ever since Slingshot has always made the kiteboarding gear that I would buy anyway if they didn't give it to me.  

What’s your favorite beer? How about Soap? Sierra Nevada and whatever soap I can steal from the hotel.

You're in a bar, what do you prefer, "be sober and everyone is ugly” or “beer goggles and every girl is hot”? "I ain't got time for bitches, gotta keep my mind on my motherf#*kin riches." -Pac

Do you have a stance or you go both ways? I'm goofy but it is getting hard to tell these dayz.

What you prefer; “Political Correct” or “F#*k that, Say like it is!”? Saying it like it is is the only way to be Politically correct. 

So what you think about AirStyle? And Why? "Take a look around take a good look at this place / There is no room for intolerance of another race / We nah care if you black white red or if you brown / If you live around here or if you come from out of town / We down with you if you down with us" - Tribal Seeds

Who influences you? And Why? I'm really stoked on pro wakeboarders like Derome and the Shredtown Crew, as well as pro snowboarders like Dylan Thompson and Travis Rice.  They are all super creative and shred whatever is put in front of them.

Shout Out: To all my homies around the World who be on da grind husselin' and throwin' down on the reg.