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  • • Super versatile shape ideal for all conditions • Classic thumb tail provides all-around performance • Stability, agility w/ stout body, curvy outline • Trusted all-around shortboard shape• No tools, no hassle with click-in/out FCSll fin system

  • From big to small and hollow to mush, the 2015 Screamer will handle any surf you can find. Based on the T-Rex shape, the new 2015 Screamer features a parallel outline that reduces drag and increases water speed to get more upwind performance in all surf conditions, without jeopardizing stability.

  • The 2015 Angry Swallow is proven to be the most unique surfboard shape in kiteboarding. The T-Rex design with a truncated nose significantly reduces swing weight while still providing a central control point on the board — making airs, spins and flip tricks easier than any other board.

  • The 2015 Celeritas continues to deliver controlled progressive performance year after year. The combination of its short “trunk” style, aggressive concave, curvy outline and simple thumb tail makes the Celeritas one of the most versatile shapes in the industry. 

  • The new 2015 Tyrant is the contemporary refined all around surfboard for everyday use. The new rounded thumb tail and deep single to double concave delivers a stable board with incredible performance in any size surf.

  • Inspired by the Ankle Biter and the T-Rex surfboard, the all new Alien Twister is undoubtedly the most progressive shape yet. Its short length enables it to fit perfectly into the pocket while the concave deck provides a skateboard feel, giving you more control and maneuverability. 

  • Built off of our proven Space Pickle platform this shape has earned its reputation as a fun and dynamic board for catching all types of surf.

  • • Classic short board shape for dedicated surfers • Aggressive heel-toe edging • Ride fast, carve hard, pull into steep waves • More snap, more pivot w/ rounded squash tail • Best option for hard-charging surfer 

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items