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  • Eight years ago, Tony and Youri Zoon locked themselves in the lab and made it their mission to stitch together all their favorite features into a single kite. When the smoke cleared the RPM emerged, and we had a whole new category of kite to introduce to the world.There’s one kite in the world you want for any conditions. It’s the RPM. It’s a kite you can...

  • Slingshot’s flagship freeride-freestyle crossover kite Open-C canopy a versatile shape for all types of riding Smooth load, insane pop and unrivaled unhooked performance User-friendly and responsive: not just for freestyle fanatics Kite of choice for 2x world champion Youri Zoon and top-ranked Carlos Mario

  • • One kite for all conditions: the ultimate all-around freeride shape • Kite more, worry less w/ huge range & excellent depower • Easiest relaunch in the industry • Best kite for learning: instant depower, effortless relaunch, bombproof construction • Fine tune your kite w/ multiple attachment points  Rally characteristics: The Rally’s Delta-C shape...

  • • Fine-tuned for surf and foiling performance • Amazing downwind drift • Responsive turning even when sheeted out • Direct feel, instant response, no tangling with compact IRS bridle • Bomber Slingshot Surf Tough reinforced canopy 

  • Преди шест години Youri Zoon и Tony Logosz започнаха създаването на кайт способен както да печели световни титли и така и да се харесва на обикновения райдър. Те успяха в тази своя мисия с RPM: Zoon спечели поредица от титли и същевременно RPM си остана най-добрият кайт за фрийстайл. На RPM разччитат четиримата най-добри състезатели в света - Youri Zoon,...

  • Воден като най-универсален и лесен за употреба кайт в линията на Slingshot, Rally продължава своето драматично изкачване към върха още от създаването си през 2011. Достъпен е в размери 5 – 12 и 14 кв.м.. 2016 Rally включва отворен Delta-C профил, директно свързана брайдъл система без макари, подсилени шевове, точки за фини настройки и куп други уникални...

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    2015 RPM - Най-добрият кайт Slingshot Full Suspension Само кайт Легендарният RPM става още по-добър с модела си от 2015-та. Изпитаната конструкция за удароустойчивост на Slingshot, която прави марката лидер в индустрията и предпочитанията на кайтбордистите, е ъпгрейдната с нов Intuitive Response System (IRS) bridle.

  • • Slingshot’s signature freeride-freestyle crossover board • Shred confidently in all conditions • Moderate rocker, great for wakestyle as well as carving up wind • Aggressive channeling provides great tracking, speed and grip • Wood core gives lively feel, great pop and soft landings 

  • • A board to take your freestyle game to the next level • Insane grip, load & pop: boosts huge, sticks hard landings  • Pierces chop, shreds flat water • Smooth, consistent flex w/ Bedrock Carbon Inserts• Flexible, durable made in the USA wood-core construction 

  • • Board of choice for globetrotting pro Sam Light • Upgraded .7 MM Dura-Glide Base for sliding and grinding • Great crossover board for cable parks • Don’t catch an edge: base, rails designed for obstacles • Durable and dynamic made in the USA wood core construction 

  • • Light weight and flexible, great for user-friendly riding • Mild rocker great for carving upwind • Great board for lighter riders • Soft flex provides playful, lively feel • Bomber Slingshot wood core construction 

  • • Super versatile shape ideal for all conditions • Classic thumb tail provides all-around performance • Stability, agility w/ stout body, curvy outline • Trusted all-around shortboard shape• No tools, no hassle with click-in/out FCSll fin system

  • • Classic short board shape for dedicated surfers • Aggressive heel-toe edging • Ride fast, carve hard, pull into steep waves • More snap, more pivot w/ rounded squash tail • Best option for hard-charging surfer 

  • The Asylum returns to Slingshot’s 2016 lineup as our weapon of choice for powered-up freestyle riders looking to push themselves - and their gear - to the next level. With an aggressive rocker, wide profile and flexible wood core, the Asylum delivers massive pop and outstanding flex and rebound performance. Precision laser-cut channels improve performance...

  • Built to satisfy the high demands of elite Slingshot team riders, Sam Light and Karolina Winkowska, the Refraction Pro Model provides the type of explosive performance and field-tested consistency that the hardest-charging kiters demand. Modeled after Slingshot Wakeboarding’s popular Whip board and then tailored to the specific needs needs of both Sam and...

  • The Recoil is a tried-and-true trusted classic. This board has been a part of the Slingshot wake family since day-one, for the simple reason that it does its job flawlessly time and time again. The Recoil is the go-to board to get you out on the water progressing faster than ever before; it’ll leave you with a grin on your face as the boat pulls in to...

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